Fire/Explosion Investigations - Heating System - Puff Back and Analysis

The firm's mechanical engineering division specializes in the technical aspects of mechanical failures involving residential and commercial appliances and machinery. The staff of mechanical engineers utilizes a systematic approach to document the cause of damage to property and personal injury.  Workplace machinery, vehicles and heavy equipment are prone for failure.  In the wake of mechanical failure and subsequent damage, our engineers can conduct a full assessment to determine the cause and extent of the damage as well as the potential for repair or replacement.



Failure analysis of the following areas is considered when rendering opinions:


  • Origin and cause of loss, potential responsible parties, consideration of design, strategic location and quality of material.
  • The identification of warning, cautions and instruction labeling.
  • Instruction in use of equipment.
  • Research of equipment and systems to identify upgrades and technology.

Our engineers have experience in the following areas of mechanical failure analysis:

  • Large machinery losses, heavy equipment.
  • Heavy equipment sprinkler system failures, plumbing and HVAC, elevators and escalators, turbines and engines, fire protection evaluation.
  • LP/natural gas valves and plumbing fixtures, control systems, commercial processing plants, trains, vessels and road vehicles.