Fire/Explosion Investigations - Heating System - Puff Back and Analysis


Our automotive division conducts investigative and engineering analysis of many multi-discipline areas to the industry.  PVA performs in-depth investigations with critical and technical analysis to understand how mechanical/electrical systems work, crucial to determining the origin and cause of failure of a vehicle system relative to an incident or claim.

Our staff provides unique, knowledgeable opinions to assist our clients in making informative decisions and draw positive conclusions.  We also provide scientific support utilizing our laboratory facility and chemical analysis during the investigative process.


Investigative analysis and on-site inspections are performed on the following motor vehicle equipment:

  • Automobiles
  • Trucks
  • Farm Implements
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Buses/Coaches
  • Recreation Vehicles


Often physical examinations are performed on regular automobiles or large commercial equipment to determine the cause of a failure and whether it's relative to an accident, personal injury or a causal claim involving an insurance company for coverage purposes.  These inspections under proper and suitable conditions could involve the following:

  • Engine failure – both internal and external
  • Unintended acceleration
  • Oil change/filter issues and failures
  • Loss of control (accident)
  • Alleged brake failures
  • Sudden or unintended acceleration
  • Lack of oil (starvation and damage)
  • Steering system lockup or failures
  • Automotive defects (recalls) documentation
  • Loss of control (accident) documentation
  • Air bag deployment verification
  • Tire blowout and wheel examinations


The investigative analysis products include:

Vehicle Theft Investigations

  • Passive Key Systems
  • Immobilizer Devices
Event Data Recorders (EDR) Interpretation
Product Analysis/Product Liability
Mechanical Analysis of Fluids
Metallurgical Testing and Analysis
Accident Reconstruction


Peter Vallas Associates has the capability of inspecting the subject vehicles and dealerships, salvage facilities or proper preservation and storage could be made of the subject vehicle at our laboratory facilities. These examinations as well as joint inspections with other potential parties or manufacturers can also be coordinated and performed at our facilities. For a free consultation or instruction on the handling of an investigation please contact our office.







Here at PVA we recognize the millions of vehicles that are traveling on our highways and local streets. We recognize the need and attention to provide assistance to you for accident reconstruction and accident investigative engineering.

Our staff is an accident and safety expert witness division that has highly accredited accident expert witnesses specializing in many areas of reconstruction, investigation, biomechanics and failure analysis. Some of the areas necessary for your assistance would involve the following:


  • Seatbelt/Airbag verification
  • Momentum Angles
  • Restraint marks of victims
  • Event data recorder interpretation
  • Motor vehicle factors and analysis
  • Accident avoidance analysis
  • Speed determination
  • Straight central impact
  • Impact point reconstruction
  • Roll over data study
  • Roadway geometry
  • Light bulb examination
  • Distance analysis
  • Collision/Speed dependency
  • Traffic collision calculations


These complex engineering investigations can be conducted by our consultants in support of litigation for this industry. To discuss a potential case or provide desk review of files, police reports or discovery material, please contact our office.